@downeypizzaco #pastrami

Downey has a gem. A little pizza shop that serves pastrami pizza. Personally I’m more into the veggie pizza but Bear LOVES the pastrami.

I used to love it but my tastebuds have recently changed. For example, now I enjoy pizzas with artichokes!


I decided not to use hot sauce with my food. If I remember that is. I always just go for it without thinking and with all that sodium, it shouldn’t be good for me. I have a stash of red pepper flakes from Trader Joe’s for pizzas at the office but I thought to put it on my avocado since avocado toasts come with red pepper flakes. I was just missing the toast. BTW, avocados are so oily and heavy. I always loved them but I didn’t enjoy it so much this time around. The first half was kind of hard to finish and I had the other half… which I couldn’t finish. Maybe the avocado was too big… whatever the case, I won’t be eating avocados for a while. Well like this, by itself. I will however, use red pepper flakes on EVERYTHING!