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Bear wasn’t feeling well so he insisted that we eat Korean + something soupy. My colleague has been telling me about this place in Koreatown that her husband and her frequent since their move to KTOWN.

I asked if they wanted to join and told my husband to meet us there at 7pm. I of course arrived 30 minutes earlier so I went to Cafe Bleu and sat at the bar while I waited.

The food was very traditional and flavorful. The first dish we ordered was some type of beef stew with lots of veggies which I liked. There were braised short ribs, tendon, brisket and ox tail. Tendon was my favorite. We also got the spicy galbi jjim (my husband’s favorite). It tasted better than any other spicy galbi jjim I’ve ever had.

I was more than impressed. What really makes a Korean restaurant stand out is their banchan (side dishes) and this place did NOT disappoint.

Everything was fresh and accompanied the dishes well. I finished my bowl of white rice. oink oink.








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This is a very old post but I must still post all my meals in the past… I am determined.

We went to Ondal for JL’s bday. Then to Hamburger Mary’s (chili fries) and Jo’s house for the cake and Jack in the Box.

Ondal is always a pleasure. There are two locations but Ondal 2 is the best of the best. Spicy crab stew with veggies and fried rice after. They also do sujaebi which is a hand torn rice flour thingy. I don’t know what it is exactly but it’s the same thing as kalgooksoo noodles but it is not in noodle form. It is a patch, ripped into pieces by hand and thrown in the hot pot. Very delicious.

This location is off of Washington Blvd. Please be sure to try!