Breakfast @TheLineHotel @EatAtPot

Spam and eggs and rice for breakfast, AND ramen? Sure why not???? Roy Choi offers the best room service food for his hotel. But now that I’ve ordered it once, I know how to order for next time. 😛

The food is definitely catered to the Americans. Spam is already salty so the extra sauce they put on it was unnecessary. Still good but too salty for my taste. I also feel like they put something in the ramen too, maybe some sugar? It tasted different.



@TheBunShopLA #SuperBowl

I ordered 40 buns for #SuperBowl. I’ve been wanting to try this place but never got around to it so when I needed something to bring to a friend’s home, I jumped at the chance.

I also order two orders of Ba’Corn Cheese and they gave me another two orders on the house since I ordered so many buns! 🙂 Thank you!

I wasn’t sure which to order and originally I wanted to stay away from the obvious, Korean Beef and Spicy Pork since it seemed generic and played out but I wish I had gotten the Spicy Pork. AND I’m glad I got the Korea Beef last-minute.

I was expecting a lot from the Spam Bun and it didn’t live up to my expectation, but for the rest, they were very appetizing. The Katsu was so tender and juicy, I added extra Sriracha to my liking since I love everything really spicy. The Korean Beef was my favorite, then the BBQ Pork. After enjoying the Korean Beef, I really regretted not ordering the Spicy Pork. 😦

I think I’ll have try it again at the establishment…

The Ba’corn Cheese.. it was the most amazing cheat entrée I’ve ever had. I’ll be dreaming about it while I eat my healthy foods for the next two months. 😦





I did it differently this time around. Cut the spam a bit bigger, added more butter and didn’t sauteed the kimchi as much. I think I was being a bit lazy. I got worried about not cooking the spam long enough and then realized, it’s already precooked. HA! 😛