Chodang in Cerritos is my favorite but when I’m not near my home, BCD is where I go. It’s consistent and I’m starting to enjoy soon tofu without the spicy cucumbers. BCD has their own version of the pickled veggie, without any spice.

I always get the mushroom soon tofu extra spicy. Bear gets the meat one. It’s the perfect meal on a cold day!

Best Soon ToFu #Chodang #Cerritos

I love me some BCD but my favorite soon tofu place is in Cerritos (actually Norwalk, CA). Chodang (12245 Artesia Blvd, Cerritos, CA 90703)

I used to come to this place with my mom a lot. My reasons for choosing specific Korean restaurants as my favorite has a lot to do with their banchan selections. This place in particular has the best one. I love the seasoned cucumbers and Chodang serves the best one in Souther California. The combination of white rice, soon tofu and the crunch of the cucumber makes for a perfect bite.

BCD does not have this side dish and although they have a plain picked version of cucumbers, I like mine with a little bit of flavor and spice.

It was a cold day and I was coming down with a cold so I wanted something soupy and spicy. I dragged my American husband to Cerritos to have dinner and even convinced him to order a third dish so we could share. I don’t know what it is about noodles but I had to have it. We ordered the seafood kalgooksoo (pictured in the center) and we literally only had a few bites. 🙂

He insisted on taking the rest home but I was reluctant to ask for a togo container because NO ONE takes leftovers noodles home. NO ONE.

He still did. Whether he ate is or not, was not my problem. 😛