@ShakeShack #Burgers #TGIF

 I came to the office and had a sudden urge to want to eat Shake Shack. I felt it in the air… the line wouldn’t be long and I would be able to whiz in and whiz out. I asked everyone in the office if they would want anything… I was willing to pick up some food for those that didn’t want to leave to eat. I grabbed two people from my team and we were off. The traffic there was horrible on SM Blvd., but when we pulled into the parking lot, the line was short! Just outside of their front doors. We even found a parking spot right in front where it didn’t look like a spot so everyone missed it! Right next to the handicap spot right in front! It was our lucky day! We ordered a burger each and a chicken burger to share. I of course ate it all, half of my chicken burger and all of my burger with cheese fries and a small coke. It was freaking delicious! I doubt I’ll need to go back to Shake Shack in LA. I plan to go when I’m in NY for MDW though, as always!


@ShakeShack #BestBirthdayGiftEVER!!!

I don’t ask for much. All I want when I visit NY is Shake Shack and Katz Deli.

The last trips to NY and Vegas, I never got Shake Shack. This time I wanted it and there was no stopping me. Unfortunately, my friend who lives in NY knew all along that we would NOT have time to get Shake Shack during our weekend trip but didn’t tell us and just kept pushing it off. Luckily, her bf’s friend was kind enough to bring it to us. I was so happy and thankful. My friend came through and provided us with the one meal I wanted…

We didn’t even make it to our reservation at Marea. Shake Shack is priority.

Next trip, I must get Shake Shack, of course AND Katz!