#YuzuShabu #Cerritos

Dinner, sushi had a wait.


IMG_2162 IMG_2161

Even though it wasn’t raw, it was good because I only had veggies. Being that I’ve done this detox numerous times, I know what I can cheat with and still maintain the detoxing of weight! 😛

If you’re planning on doing this for the first time, I say go strict and straight. Don’t cheat like me.

Only the ones that know how to get away with it should.

I used a little of the sauces too but not too much. I drank sake and beer. I was a cheap date since my eating habits have minimized.

Happy detoxing!

If you’re in the LA area, make sure you check out the BEST Shabu, Oren Shabu. And if you like Asian boys… this is the place for eye candy.