Seoul Garden @ILoveKoreatown

Korean style shabu and Korean variation of the steak tartare.

Both my favorite dishes…

Here is a recipe for the Korean steak tartare which you can easily make at home:

Korean Steak Tartare Recipe by Maanchi

You’ll need:

Mixing Bowl
Sesame Oil
Black Pepper

Sesame Seeds
Pine Nuts









The owner changed recently and this was our first visit back since then.

Very few things changed…

1. Pots are new
2. Salad dressing is diluted
3. Sauce for meat is diluted
4. Vegetable portions are smaller
5. There aren’t a lot of sesame leaves in the vegetable mix
5. No more enoki mushrooms
6. Potatoes in the banchan are now cubed in smaller pieces

That is all. Significant but not really. The main thing was the dipping sauce, it was a bit bland.

Kushi Shabu

We must have gone through 12 plates of beef and 5 plates of veggies.

I was so stuffed I couldn’t even breathe!

This place is great for shabu if you want to eat like a piglet. Unlimited for only $30/person.

Above Curry House and never really packed.