@OGSgtPepperonis Stop

Every weekend we pick up my son and HAVE TO stop by our favorite pizza joint. Husband likes the Hawai’i Five O and son likes the Buffalo Chicken. I am all over the place with cheese, works, pepperoni, and the Bronx Bomber.

We try to always stop by on the way to pick him up and dropping him off but sometimes it’s hard. But at least once a round trip!

#Pizza @OGSgtPepperonis

The best pizza place…

Bear and I pulled up on Sunday night. I heard my name being called out in the parking lot as soon as I got out of the car. I turned around and saw my friend Aviant and Eric. It was their 2nd visit and because of me, they had discovered it. I realized she had also tagged me on IG! LOL We chatted for a bit and parted ways. I was starving.

After we ordered our pizza inside, I noticed a girl I knew as well. It was HER first visit and she stopped by because of my posts! HA!

I love it when I have an influence on people’s eating choices!