My favorite turkey sammy with a side of chips, pickles, serranos, homemade mayo and my habanero hot sauce. I didn’t like the corn salad too much.

I ate it all. In one sitting.

@ZPizza #WeHO

My favorite pizza of all time. Why? Because they use motherfucking serranos!!!! Not jalapenos, SERRANOS! Spicier pepper and it’s fresh, not pickled. I love Hawaiian pizzas and this one is special because they don’t use tomato sauce. They use a BBQ sauce and it’s thin crust. This is my favorite pizza place in Los Angeles.


I can’t believe I forgot to get jalapenos! Luckily I had Serrano! Sorry Bear, it was a bit spicier! I usually like jalapenos because it’s bigger but spicier is better too, I guess.

I didn’t have any because I had my leftovers from Don Felix. 😛




Don’t forget! Onions after it simmers, turn off the stove and let it sit while the rice cooks.

My sauce is best with white rice! (The Korean kind).