Hwae #ToGo






Mariscos 4 Vientos

The plan was to go to Mariscos Jalisco, but it wasn’t a sit down so my boss wanted to come here.

Mariscos 4 Viento
3000 E Olympic Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90023

I wasn’t mad. This place was amazing.

My initial reason for wanting Mexican Seafood was because my friend Remil had been posting from Mariscos Jalisco and it looked so appetizing.


We got fish tacos, fried shrimp tacos & tostadas aquachile.

Everything was so damn tasty. (Shrimp taco not pictured, sorry).


The Tostada Aguachile is spicy, and when I say something is spicy, it probably means it’s too spicy for everyone else. But also very fresh and tasty… slices of red onions on a fried tortilla with large slices of avocado.





The fish taco was perfectly breaded and not overdone. RIcky’s fish tacos are pretty amazing but it’s too hard to eat. This taco was perfect, the tortilla didn’t rip from underneath, it wasn’t mostly batter and the slaw was evenly chopped and made it easy to bite into. I love clean bites.



Pacific Fish Center Redondo Beach

My pregnant friend/unnie/coworker/boss had a sudden craving in the middle of the work day & we decided it would be perfect for dinner!

2 crabs, shrimp & the fish stew later we were stuffed!

I don’t know which I like better, the cho go chu jang or butter for my crab. Of course I didn’t forget my gloves!

After the crab and before the stew I had to mix the rice in the crab shell w/ soy sauce & the kkak doo gi juice. It wasn’t the same as the way my hubby does it but then again there can’t be a bad way!