There are places we go at different stages in our lives and sometimes we forget about them until one day we realize we haven’t been in a while. Curry House is one of them. I had not been since… before 2010. I used to love their beef curry with a side of mushrooms, extra spicy. I would also add the hot drops in addition to getting the curry at the spiciest level. We went to a location that was off the beaten path. Somewhere near Santa Ana (didn’t know Mexicans liked curry), it was empty and different. I think they changed their branding over the years, their menu, entrees, sides, decor, it was all unfamiliar. The service was great but I felt out of place.

I ordered my usual but it didn’t taste the same. They didn’t offer just mushrooms so I had to request it. Now it’s a side of veggies. I still enjoyed it but not has much as I remembered… although the radishes were still the same. I want to go back, to a different more familiar location. Maybe possibly, we shall see.

@PigPenDelicacy @4thStreetMarket #mustTRY

Again, I was invited to Andy’s new food venture. Pig Pen Delicacy in Santa Ana at the 4th Street Market. A pink exterior stands out in an area filled with other food vendors. All pork and all so tasty.

We waited with all of Andy’s other guests (friends and family invite “soft opening”) while our mouths salivated. Bear was super hungry because he had just came from the gym (he does not do JIM), and me… well, I’m always hungry.

By the time we arrive, the two items we really wanted were sold out but it was great because I got to try something I wouldn’t have normally picked.

We got 2 Breakfast Sandwiches (1 to eat, 1 to take home), 1 Bacon Maple Jam Burger and an order of fries. I really wanted to try to pork belly fries and the other pork sammy. I’m not much of a sweet and savory connoisseur so I didn’t know what to expect.

Why did I even question the taste? I felt stupid after I took a bite into the Maple Bacon Jam Burger. That thing was incredible. That white sauce/aioli or whatever it was balanced the whole thing. Lots of grilled onions, the bun was fluffy as fuck and the patty… oh man the patty, juicy, flavorful and so tender. I can’t remember much after that because I went into ecstasy. The Breakfast Sammy was not that different from their burger. Again, fluffy bun, thick bacon melted cheese and man the eggs… reminded me of Bear’s mom’s eggs in Kansas. I’ve mentioned before how much I love her eggs. Last but not least, the fries. Fries are always great, these fries reminded me of Rally’s fries. If you know Rally’s, I know you’re probably grabbing your keys to head over to Pig Pen Delicacy NOW.

They open officially Saturday, 3/5/16.

Side note: I thought the boy’s shirts behind the counter said ‘Pig Men’ on the front, but I just wished it did. It actually said ‘Pig Pen’. LOL