Daily #Healthful @MrsRenfros

I am going on my 3rd week eating the below recipe at the office. Every Sunday my husband meal preps for me…

I use Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper Salsa and the Trader Joe’s Habanero Hot Sauce.

One package of ground turkey from Trader Joe’s (or anywhere else, usually around a pound)

2 Limes
Ground Black Pepper
Olive Oil
Organic Tricolor Quinoa Trader Joe’s
Broccoli from Trader Joe’s

Cook ground turkey in lightly oiled pan until brown
Drain liquid
Generously add ground black pepper
Sprinkle a little bit of salt
Juice 2 limes over turkey

Cook quinoa (1/2 cup usually works for 3 meals) and add broccoli for sides

Add cilantro when ready to eat!


I’m ready to eat… No more cooking for myself this week. Thank god because cooking sucks.

Especially when it’s not a delicious meal. I’ll still have to cook for Bear.

I’m making spaghetti this week. I bought zucchinis so I can make #Zoodles.


So good!

I know it looks like rabbit food but it was pretty amazing. The key is to heat the chicken. I hate foods that are cold that are meant to be warm.

Arugula, chicken, avocado, salsa.

Not as amazing as the burger earlier in the day, but a different kind of amazing.


#Breakfast #LookFitNaked

I can’t believe I finished the ghost pepper salsa! It was spicy and tasty with each and every scoop!

Sunday’s breakfast consisted of white toast, cheese, egg and avocado slices.

The white toast was toasted on the pan with butter. Then, the slice of cheese was places on the side that was face down first. (Make sure you butter the pan again before flipping). Then the fried egg. Now the cheese has both sides that are warm to melt it perfectly!

Place on plate, slice avocados and eat! Add salsa to your liking! I always say, more the merrier!IMG_6319.JPG



Burrito Mama

I eat too much Mexican food. Could it be that my upbringing in Downey was a cause? 😛

Mexican food is actually my favorite cuisine. Since I’m a HUGE fan of spicy foods and lots of flavors, Mexican is the only thing I can probably eat back to back to back.

There’s this place in Vernon that delivers (I don’t know the name because my co-worker always orders it) burritos and it’s amazing.

We get a carne with onions and cilantro and a chicken with rice. Their salsa is a bit runny but we just add a little bit of tapatio and it’s good to go!

The chicken and rice burrito is so fluffy and soft. Chicken is so tender and marinated with tomatoes to give it a full flavor.

The only thing missing are the onions and cilantro.