Homemade Salad

Beets, broccoli, arugula, romaine, dressing, radish and green onions. Red pepper flakes are always an afterthought! It’s so good with it though! This raw detox has been really harsh for me this week, but getting used to eating healthy at the office and eating what I want on the weekends, that’s the plan at least!


 I finally tried this damn place! Health Nut is a healthy food place in Calabasas that the Kardashian’s go to for their pre-packaged salads. How do I know? I used to watch their show and always thought their salads looked amazing. The thing I liked the most about it was the packaging. I don’t know why salads taste much better when it comes in that plastic reusable bowls. (Kind of like Mendocino.)

I cheated a little bit again. I had eggs and tuna and some dressing. Their salad was delicious. The lettuce was crisp and fresh, the tuna and egg salad was tasty but not too overly dressed with mayo and their dressing, the best part. I loved their house dressing but I loved their Spicy Asian dressing the most! You know me with spicy stuff!

I plan to go back, one day. I’m going to pick up multiple days worth of salads and eat it all.


So good!

I know it looks like rabbit food but it was pretty amazing. The key is to heat the chicken. I hate foods that are cold that are meant to be warm.

Arugula, chicken, avocado, salsa.

Not as amazing as the burger earlier in the day, but a different kind of amazing.