Every Wednesday we get free lunch at the office. 😀

It’s the best day ever because the rest of the week, I’m eating kale, quinoa, broccoli, corn and salsa.

One week, we had Lemonade and I know everyone and their mom loves this place but I find it to be disgusting. I’ve been three times and every time I seemed to have picked the wrong items. There were just too many flavor profiles and ones that I really don’t like together. I should just stick to fast food. 😛

As you can see I ordered what I knew couldn’t be bad. Rice, mac & cheese and chicken pot pie, although I didn’t get the pie part. Just the insides. I had to drench it with my habanero hot sauce of course.


My favorite is the hard shell taco. Chicken, corn, rice, lettuce, sour cream, pica de gallo and sauce on the side. When you get #togo, it gets soggy and it falls apart.

I would have never ordered this, EVER, but thanks to Bear, I was able to find my favorite thing @Chipotle!




Bear always talks about that one time my mom grabbed whatever in her fridge to make him a 비빔밥.

He wanted to eat it again so bad and talked about it the past few months.

Well, over the weekend, his wish came true!

My mom got whatever banchan from the fridge and mixed it in the stainless steel bowl (that everyone Korean mom has) and served it to us.

I just fried the eggs. 🙂

It’s kind of like the Korean version of the ‘kitchen sink’ recipe.

Just throw whatever you have into a bowl, add rice and a bit of sesame oil and VIOLA~

비빔밥 – Bibimbap



Shrimp Roja

After my coworker brought me her dad’s cooking, I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I asked for the recipe and I make a pot!

Butter & minced garlic, sautéed with shrimp.

Pour salsa Roja from King Taco until boil.

The rice can be sautéed with butter. Pour sauce over rice and eat!

Omg it is so delicious!IMG_1549.JPG