There’s only one reason why I’d be eating a ramen in the am. HANGOVER! Just kidding, not necessarily. I wasn’t as hungover but I did drink a lot so I woke up starving and craving soup. This was Tuesday, starting to be a fatty week for me… Not a good sign.


The crazy thing about UberEats is that the quality of the food after it’s arrival is always disappointing, but it’s so freakin’ convenient that I can’t help but order from here. This dish was not spectacular but I ate it all of course. It was a bit salty and I’ve never seen a ramen without the soup. I needed Asian and I wanted it quick.

Men Oh Tokushima Ramen #JTown

Men Oh Tokushima 456 E 2nd St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

I’ve never been a fan of Japanese ramen. Why? Because it’s so goddamn salty and I look like a blowfish moments after I walk out of the establishment and the next day!

I joined a friend for dinner one night in Little Tokyo, Downtown Los Angeles and I was quite surprised by the flavor and the non saltiness.

I ordered the black ramen with a side of their habanero sauce (to make it spicier).

The broth was clean and the habanero sauce was excellent!

Aside from La Brea Ramen, this was the 2nd best Japanese ramen place I had ever been to. 🙂

Hakata Ikkousha Ramen #OC

We were dropping Tyler off in south OC one Sunday and we were craving ramen. I, of course called my friend who is obsessed with ramen and asked for a recommendation.

Hakata Ikkousha it was, in the same plaza as Anjin. I was very impressed but thought the portions were a bit small. Little did I know, I ate too fast because soon after we left, I was so stuffed I wanted to sleep.

Taste, service and quality was great. Although I wish their fried chicken tasted better.

Breakfast @TheLineHotel @EatAtPot

Spam and eggs and rice for breakfast, AND ramen? Sure why not???? Roy Choi offers the best room service food for his hotel. But now that I’ve ordered it once, I know how to order for next time. 😛

The food is definitely catered to the Americans. Spam is already salty so the extra sauce they put on it was unnecessary. Still good but too salty for my taste. I also feel like they put something in the ramen too, maybe some sugar? It tasted different.