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What I love about eating in groups is that I end up trying thing I’d never order myself.

I never used to get artichoke on my pizza and or grill artichokes at a restaurant. With my Babes Who Dine crew, we always order grilled artichokes and I’ve gotten accustom to the flavor and enjoy it very much. I decided to get it on my pizza last time at Blaze at the outlet and now it’s my go to topping.

I like to stick to veggie toppings lately… today is mushroom, onion and artichoke. The pepperoni side is Bear’s.

Seoul Waffle Pizza @ILoveKoreatown

If you haven’t seem my video already, you can find it here. Now for the food porn. This place is just as it sounds. A Korean American fusion with Korean toppings on an American inspired sweet/savory combo. Not so much sweet though, the waffle makes a great base for pizza toppings, it’s light and soft and crunchy on the edges without it being too doughy. Not as heavy as normal pizza from Domino’s or Pizza Hut, def. less greasy too.

I’ve directed some non Korean folks here and they all seemed to love it. Koreans are funny with their pizzas, they put toppings like potatoes and corn and though it may sound weird, it’s oddly palatable. Go try!

Seoul Waffle Pizza
3525 W 8th St
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Phone number (213) 232-0104



@StonefireGrill #Irvine

Our go to Irvine family spot with the Bradys. 🙂 This place is great for a large group. Everything I’ve had from this establishment has been tasty and filling. My cousin’s family used to always get the chicken and pizza combo, now they get the tri-tip and pizza one. The stimulus package or something. I really love their breadsticks and greek salad. 🙂

@MasaofEchoPark #Pizza

I’m not a fan of Chicago style pizza, but I am a fan of Masa! This place is intimate and the service is by far the best in Los Angeles (which isn’t a fine dining establishment). Everyone was so cheerful and attentive, the quality of every dish was above expectations and it was popping!

Thank god I made a reservation because we had five adults and three children. We ordered two pizzas, (my fave) gnocchi, salad and the bread pudding. By the way, their bread pudding is made from croissants. No wonder it’s so freaking buttery and out of this world. I love bread pudding to begin with so when our friend who frequents this place insisted we order it, I was on board. Little did we know it was made from croissants.

We got the meat lovers pizza and the other was a veggie. I preferred the veggie since Chicago style pizzas are already really heavy. Even their bread (that they serve pre-meal) was tasty.

Now time for me to talk about the gnocchi. Super garlicky, lots of mushrooms and cooked to perfection. I could have eaten the whole plate but I didn’t want to kill my husband that evening and the next day with my toots. 😛

I never thought I’d say this but I can’t wait to go back (to a place that’s known for their Chicago style pizza)!!!

@ZPizza #WeHO

My favorite pizza of all time. Why? Because they use motherfucking serranos!!!! Not jalapenos, SERRANOS! Spicier pepper and it’s fresh, not pickled. I love Hawaiian pizzas and this one is special because they don’t use tomato sauce. They use a BBQ sauce and it’s thin crust. This is my favorite pizza place in Los Angeles.

@BlazePizza @PremiumOutlets

My favorite place to go on the weekend is the outlet. I get both steps and shopping in and those two are my most favorite things to do. Working out + buying clothes? Heaven!

After getting through half the mall, we came across Blaze Pizza and I couldn’t resist. I had never been and I love the concept of pick and choose and voila, ready!

I’ve been to other locations with the same concept but since this is under the Wetzel umbrella, I was more interested. (I love me some Wetzel’s)

The pizza and prepackaged salad were both tasty. We shared amongst three adults, where as all the other patrons had a whole pie to themselves. Talk about gluttony, this is why America is fucking fat. Learn to share people!

Anywho, I’d be back if I see a Blaze Pizza elsewhere, I just haven’t seen one in LA.

@ZPizza @Seamless

I was craving pizza at work and I didn’t want the whole pie to myself so I asked my co-workers if they would help me eat it. They said YES!!! I wasn’t sure which one I wanted until I saw the Sweet and Spicy Hawaiian Pizza. What got me was that in the description it said that it had serranos!!!! My favorite pepper of ALL TIME! But I should have known, they didn’t put enough, because most people do not enjoy that much spice.

I asked for a side of ranch and red pepper flakes, they of course brought ONLY one red pepper flake packet. 😦

The rest of the pizza was delicious. Next time I know I have to ask for extra serranos on the pizza and ask for MORE red pepper flake packets. 🙂

I live and learn!