#PigletPeeve @MrsRenfros

When I forgot to refil the frigde with my Mrs. Renfro’s Ghost Pepper salsa after I finished the last jar. So the next time I need it, it’s from the cabinet and it’s room temperature! 

I like my salsas cold! 


Chil Bo Myun Ok

Came here for dinner.

Ordered the spicy galbi jjim & yook hwe.

1st of all, the service sucks. the employees are slow and they look like they want to commit suicide cause they hate their job.

The yook hwe came out frozen. I’m not one to complain about food but we had to. The spicy galbi jjim was good as always and I had a little bit of rice. I promise! Their ban chan selection ain’t that great either.

I’ve never had their bbq but I know their mool nany myun and dohl sot bibimbap is yummy!

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