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Totally last minute video I decided to do. After #doingJim, we decided to stop by for a quick bite and since I was already there and had my camera… decided to put together a little video. I kept my sunglasses on because I looked like shit. 😛

The food was amazing and they gave huge portions. I’m so bummed it took me this long to finally try it out.

If you like spicy, make sure you go and order The Logan!


Wish I was able to take better photos, I should go during lunch.

Food was delicious, I’ve never been to Philly so I can’t compare but I can compare it to Philly’s Best. Why? Because my friend from Philly said Philly’s Best was the best in So. Cal next to Philadelphia.

Now enough with the hierarchy bullshit.

The bread was soft like butter, plush like a goose down pillow and perfect in size to take even bites.

I shared the jalapeño cheesesteak with Bear plus the sriracha beast fries.

It was cheesy, beefy, spicy and oh so yummy.

The jalapeños were crunchy just the way I like it.

The fries were crinkle fries, just like how Shake Shack used to have it. Reminiscent of elementary school.

Everything was amazing and I was so sad I didn’t have a bigger appetite.

My friends got the wings which I got to try…

Seriously enough reading about it, you have to go now!

They deliver and offer curbside service!

I love this place, can’t wait to go back and try the P Dub Burger! (With an egg).