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Thanks for the invite Terry! We had amazing BBQ and drinks at the rooftop party for Long Beach Grand Prix on Sunday!



#MooDaePo #Fullerton

My cousin turned 40 and her husband wanted to throw a surprise party. He just had few requirements. To keep it under $1000 and for everyone to have fun.

I’ve never ordered the tower before but it was such a great deal! Sapporo Tower for $24.99!

I overestimated the cost of everything so I ended up ordering the $20.99 menu. We didn’t get the pork jowl meat or the rib eye but it was still all so good!

The bill was way under and everyone was happy! It was a great turnout. Birthdays are best at MooDaePo. They take reservations and they have tables to accommodate a large party. IMG_6241.JPG