There are places we go at different stages in our lives and sometimes we forget about them until one day we realize we haven’t been in a while. Curry House is one of them. I had not been since… before 2010. I used to love their beef curry with a side of mushrooms, extra spicy. I would also add the hot drops in addition to getting the curry at the spiciest level. We went to a location that was off the beaten path. Somewhere near Santa Ana (didn’t know Mexicans liked curry), it was empty and different. I think they changed their branding over the years, their menu, entrees, sides, decor, it was all unfamiliar. The service was great but I felt out of place.

I ordered my usual but it didn’t taste the same. They didn’t offer just mushrooms so I had to request it. Now it’s a side of veggies. I still enjoyed it but not has much as I remembered… although the radishes were still the same. I want to go back, to a different more familiar location. Maybe possibly, we shall see.

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All that’s missing in the photos are the rest of the drinks and the spaghetti.

We arrived right at 5:30pm and it was empty. Then the table that got seated next to us had a baby in a stroller that kept bumping the back of my chair. Not only was it the waitstaff but the mom, dad and stroller. At one point, the other people at my table suggest to move our table away from the baby table. It didn’t help much. I don’t care if you can’t afford a nanny or babysitter to watch your baby while you’re out for dinner but at least be courteous and apologize for your actions. Many bumps and not even one apology. Either from the mom or the staff. A bit disappointed in the lack of consciousness from the waitress.

Aside from that ordeal, the food and company was delightful.

Charcuterie plate was as expected, always the same at any place. I was just a bit bummed that my fiance did not order a soft cheese. 😛 (Trust me, he heard it from me).


The Brut Rose was so good, I really wanted a bottle but had not planned on drinking that much. I could have stuck to one glass but one person in our group ordered his second beer, so I ordered my second glass. When he ordered his third beer, I knew it was a green light for me to order my third. 😛 By then, he made a comment. ‘You should have ordered the bottle.’ I should have. One glass was $13 and the bottle was $50- something.


Oxtail Dumpling was an 8/10. I loved the dumpling part but not the oxtail. It was overly marinated and a bit salty for my taste. I was a bit worried after reading reviews but still wanted to try for myself. The green onions and casing of the dish was perfect. As soon as I bit into it and I tasted the oxtail, it was stringy and too potent.

Maybe if they used less oxtail and maybe if they chopped it up. Dumplings with stringy fillings aren’t that fun to eat.


Spicy crab cake was bland. The sauce was good but not the best crab cake I’ve had. Usually like a tartar sauce with crab cakes.



My favorite of the bunch. LOVE LOVE mushrooms so this was perfect. Of course I ate that Chinese chili in the dish. It was spicy!


The main course. The main reason we came to the restaurant. The fish was amazing and so was the soba. Honestly could do without the sauces. The fish was lightly salted and cubed before fried so we were able to tear it off easily. It was fun and tasted yummy. And the photo was great for my instagram.




We had a great time, all in all.

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