@MilkJarCookies #LosAngeles

I love cookies. I had been seeing a lot of posts about this place, Milk Jar Cookies, on social media and I was hoping to try it one day when it was convenient for me to pick it up. The time never came until last Sunday. I had a tour in Westwood and Bear had to pick up something near Milk Jar Cookies, so I asked him to stop by! It happened to be next door of where he had to go so it worked out perfectly.

When I go somewhere, I usually get more than necessary because I like variety. To my surprise, he picked up six cookies! Two were the same, but the rest was different. It was a proud moment for me. 🙂 He has been learning my ways! 😛

The cookies reminded me of my MIL and my SIL’s freshly home-baked cookies, but BIGGER! We got two birthday sprinkles something, banana split, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate chip and milk and cereal cookies. I tried it all but the milk & cereal.

It was probably the best cookies I’ve ever had and I would not eat cookies anywhere else from this moment on. I’m dead serious. Even days after, the cookies were still fresh and soft and very tasty.