After Vegas, dinner.


Ricky’s Fish Tacos



Hands down the best fish & shrimp tacos I’ve EVER had in my life!

Ricky’s Fish Taco is a street vendor and amidst his cholo look, he is SOOOOO friendly and non threatening!

His hours are loco but hey, if he can get by only working 4 hours a day for 4 days a week, more power to him!

I hear he sometimes has lobster tacos too, which I must try!

His tacos are BIG and they give lots of everything!

I personally liked the shrimp taco cause I was able to actually fold it like a taco and eat it while trying not to let any of the other goodness drop to the plate. Since he doesn’t provide forks, I had to pick up the pcs off the plate cause I didn’t want to let any sauce, onion, jalepeno, cabbage go to waste!

The fish taco I ate like a tostada and everything again fell to the plate.

Sauces…. where do I begin. the white creamy sauce, PUT IT ON THE TACO, the red salsa, drizzle that all over the taco. The red sauce reminded me of the king taco sauce MmmmMMmmMmm….. I wanted to do a herbal essence type of commercial using the red salsa and pour it all over me and lick it off myself.

I think I’m in love with Ricky and if i didn’t think he swung the other way, i would totally flirt with him and try to bypass the line when i go there.

I got there right at 12 since my friend has been there before and thats what he recommended. And he was right.

there are limited seatings and he closes when the fish runs out.

Beat the lunch rush and get your ass there early!

this place hands down has to be tried by every freaking living person on this planet and i swear to you no one will complain!


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Fat Fish

Came to an impromptu dinner & Fat Fish was the choice.

I was NOT expecting anything since #1 Its in KTOWN. #2 Its revolving #3 Its in KTOWN.

I must say it was a little better than what I expected but still not as good as a Hollywood infused place.

If you want good cheap sushi I guess this is the place to go.

I’ll never be back again but it was an experience.