@KUPizzaShuttle #Kansas

Our last visit to Leawood, Kansas, we stopped by Lawrence for a day trip to visit my husband’s old stomping grounds.

Second visit for me, so that meant Pizza Shuttle AGAIN!

My favorite pizza of all time!




My favorite ice cream place in Kansas and it’s a tie between Los Angeles and Kansas with #AftersIceCream. I always get their Madagascar Vanilla and one other, depending on what’s available. This place has great flavors and service. We always visit while we visit the in-laws!


I love coming to Kansas because Bear’s mom makes the best food. And also because I sleep in and my days don’t include plans. But mostly because of her breakfasts. This breakfast was homemade tortilla, sausage and eggs with sharp cheddar cheese burrito. I added the sliced jalapenos since I like it extra spicy and crunchy. Always important to add the texture element when eating. Bear used to make me breakfast burritos, not anymore. I’m lucky if he makes me lunch. ๐Ÿ˜›

Kansas Eats!

This is definitely a late post but I wanted to share. My meals in Kansas are always so yummy. Breakfast is always made by my MIL and sometimes we have dinner at home or out. We tried a new Mexican restaurant and it was yummy, I forgot the name though.

I can’t wait to go back in June for a wedding!

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@DeanandDeLuca @3womenandanoven #Leawood

Thank you Bear for traveling across the country with my delicious 24K Carrot Cake from Dean and DeLuca in Leawood, Kansas.

This is by far the BEST carrot cake I’ve ever had. 3 Women and an Oven is a bakery in Kansas and they have items at the Dean and DeLuca. The 24K totally make me fall in love!

Oh and the purple candles. I was happy to blow out candles on my birthday this year…