#Kimbap @IloveKoreatown

I was in a rush to get to my nail appointment and although I wanted to do a quick drive thru to McDonald’s, I knew that kimbap would be a smarter choice. I hate the Rodeo Galleria plaza (where the kimbap place is located), parking is shitty and inconvenient. I wish the kimbap place offered curbside service. 😛

They were out of the tuna and cheese so I picked up the sausage. I had five minutes to get to my nail appointment and I didn’t want to be late since I took over a cancellation. I got the box with the (I call them) footballs for the wasabi. I needed a spicy element (as always). It was very good, to my surprise, I don’t know why I assumed it wouldn’t be. I got so used to eating the tuna and cheese version that I didn’t ever think to try the other ones. Maybe next time I’ll try the ham.

#BitOfHeaven #KTOWN

My favorite part of grocery shopping at the Galleria Market…

Tasting the 반찬 (Korean side dishes: banchan), even though I’m not suppose to.

I just eat one piece after I scoop what I want into my container.

It’s not like I’m sticking my grubby hands into the public tray!

And what are they going to say? As long as I apologize in Korean, they’ll think I’m cute and didn’t know any better.

A person who doesn’t look like they speak Korean but actually can, can get away with a lot. If you’re Korean and can’t speak any Korean, you’re shit outta luck! 😛

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