Kimchi Fried Rice

For Bear… I’m starting to make stuff again! 

I ran out of gloves so I used a ziploc.  





#MealPrep for #Bear


Sundays are made for cooking. I needed to make Bear’s food as well as mine. Luckily he didn’t have work Monday so this would be eaten on his day off and the leftovers will be taken to work on Tuesday. I added some fish sausage to the mix this time, not SPAM. We had leftovers from the kimchi so it was perfect. Didn’t have to chop any kimchi and had plenty of the sauce. This batch is extra flavorful!






#Shrine #Karaoke #Drunchies

We went to karaoke after dinner and two dishes came with the alcohol combo. 😛

They use too much red peppers for the kimchi fried rice. It was all I could bite into. I couldn’t resist the extra food. I didn’t drink so much, just ate. Maybe I should have drank instead of eating carbs.

I was 106 on Friday am, 110 on Monday am. Stay tuned for what else I ate this past weekend…




I did it differently this time around. Cut the spam a bit bigger, added more butter and didn’t sauteed the kimchi as much. I think I was being a bit lazy. I got worried about not cooking the spam long enough and then realized, it’s already precooked. HA! 😛