After having Ritter’s and having it be one of the worst experiences ever, I had to come back to Kettlebar and compare it to Oyster Bar in Vegas. Since then, I’ve gone back to Oyster Bar and it was not as tasty as I remembered it to be. It may have been due to the 1+ hour wait. Luckily I was in sneakers.

Okay, back to Kettlebar.

Kettlebar is delicious. I would have said it was #2 after Oyster Bar but now I’m not sure after my 2nd visit. It’s the closest I will say to my initial memory of what the best pan roast is. The flavor is creamy and though their spicy levels aren’t that spicy, I was still very satisfied… even with my leftovers.

@KettleBar #KettleBar #MUSTTRY

I’ve been wanting to try this place for so long AND finally I got to try it! It surpassed my expectations and I’ve been dreaming about it every minute from the day I had it.
We basically ordered ALMOST everything on the menu.


First, the Fire and Ice cocktail is to die for! The Pan Roast with the three seafood items and chicken is what we got, sans the chicken. Our fatasses also got the steamed mussels, clams, garlic fries, (champagne for myself, additional) drinks and dinner rolls.
We asked for the spiciest level of the Pan Roast, it was the best thing I’ve ever had in a long time. I already have plans to go back this Saturday. 🙂