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My favorite. Pig skin at kbbq joints. But it can’t be with the spicy marinade.

This is slightly marinate and sometimes served with the nipple which the server will cut off embarrassingly. ๐Ÿ˜›

SSAM has the best pig skin in town.

Ssam Korean BBQ

1040 S Western Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90006

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Dinner with an old friend. This place is always crowded no matter the city I’m in. I have yet to visit the NY location, but if I were to visit, I’m sure the wait would be just as crazy. ๐Ÿ˜›

Personally, I don’t know what the hype is about… kbbq is kbbq… not much different unless you’re at an AYCE place. Am I wrong?

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@QuartersKBBQ #FirstTime

I saw everyone and their mom post Quarters on their IG. I finally made it and I must say, I love it!

It’s nostalgic because I spent many years there when it was Intercrew, drinking underage and celebrating my teen birthdays with soju and crown. ๐Ÿ˜›

I love this place because their portions are in 1/4s. Which is perfect for date night situations. Bear doesn’t eat much so every time we’d go to KBBQ, I wouldn’t be able to order everything I wanted. (Ggotssal, Ribeye, Tongue, Pork Jowl…) at Quarters, we got everything! The meat quality is superb and the service is FUCKING on point!

I also love that they have a full bar, I got myself two Kettle One Vodka on the rocks with limes. Not at the same time, just 10 minutes apart from one another. ๐Ÿ˜›

The nacho cheese with the Ggotssal tasted like Yoplait Yogurt, but with the Pork Jowl, it was indescribably magical. 

They don’t have rice or radish wraps but it’s ok, you’re there for the quality of meat… Got IT???




#GwangYangBBQ @IloveKoreatown

Clean, empty and great service. (Maybe because it was empty?)

Or maybe because they offered us a free beer or soju? Too bad we aren’t drinking (everyday) right now because we would have taken their offering. ๐Ÿ˜›

Jo and I went to eat ‘healthy’. Her parents were suppose to join, but ended up not coming. (I was really looking forward to it, she has the cutest parents EVER!)

We ordered the rib eye (leanest on the menu) and a plate of veggies.

Not sure the about the veggie plate because it was more like a shabu veggie plate than a KBBQ veggie plate.

At least they offered to pack the veggies for us at the end of the meal. (We only touched the mushrooms.)

We said, ‘No thank you’.

Gwang Yang Korean BBQ
3435 Wilshire Blvd
Ste 123
Los Angeles, CA 90010




#MooDaePo #Fullerton

My cousin turned 40 and her husband wanted to throw a surprise party. He just had few requirements. To keep it under $1000 and for everyone to have fun.

I’ve never ordered the tower before but it was such a great deal! Sapporo Tower for $24.99!

I overestimated the cost of everything so I ended up ordering the $20.99 menu. We didn’t get the pork jowl meat or the rib eye but it was still all so good!

The bill was way under and everyone was happy! It was a great turnout. Birthdays are best at MooDaePo. They take reservations and they have tables to accommodate a large party. IMG_6241.JPG