@TheBunShopLA #SuperBowl

I ordered 40 buns for #SuperBowl. I’ve been wanting to try this place but never got around to it so when I needed something to bring to a friend’s home, I jumped at the chance.

I also order two orders of Ba’Corn Cheese and they gave me another two orders on the house since I ordered so many buns! 🙂 Thank you!

I wasn’t sure which to order and originally I wanted to stay away from the obvious, Korean Beef and Spicy Pork since it seemed generic and played out but I wish I had gotten the Spicy Pork. AND I’m glad I got the Korea Beef last-minute.

I was expecting a lot from the Spam Bun and it didn’t live up to my expectation, but for the rest, they were very appetizing. The Katsu was so tender and juicy, I added extra Sriracha to my liking since I love everything really spicy. The Korean Beef was my favorite, then the BBQ Pork. After enjoying the Korean Beef, I really regretted not ordering the Spicy Pork. 😦

I think I’ll have try it again at the establishment…

The Ba’corn Cheese.. it was the most amazing cheat entrée I’ve ever had. I’ll be dreaming about it while I eat my healthy foods for the next two months. 😦