#Kobawoo @IloveKoreatown

Birthday dinner was at Kobawoo House. Too bad Bear Baby got sick and couldn’t join us because this place is BOMB.com!

Everything is perfect… everything except the bossam (보쌈). The 보쌈 does not come with oysters and it’s a HUGE disappointment. Hence why I’ve only been here three times in my life. I love oysters and when I’m used to a dish with oysters, I WANT OYSTERS!

보쌈 is the 2nd pictured.

Their kimchi pancake (Kimchi Jeon 김치전) was a bit soggy/doughy last night. Usually the seafood pancake is ordered but all of us at the table like the kimchi version better.

Last but not least… mandoo yukgaejang 만두 육개장. Mandoo 만두 yukgaejang육개장 was ordered by Loren and it was delicious. First time having this here and it was a great compliment to the rest of the entrees. The soup was especially soothing!