@StonefireGrill #Irvine

Our go to Irvine family spot with the Bradys. 🙂 This place is great for a large group. Everything I’ve had from this establishment has been tasty and filling. My cousin’s family used to always get the chicken and pizza combo, now they get the tri-tip and pizza one. The stimulus package or something. I really love their breadsticks and greek salad. 🙂


Chodang in Cerritos is my favorite but when I’m not near my home, BCD is where I go. It’s consistent and I’m starting to enjoy soon tofu without the spicy cucumbers. BCD has their own version of the pickled veggie, without any spice.

I always get the mushroom soon tofu extra spicy. Bear gets the meat one. It’s the perfect meal on a cold day!

@IslandsBurgers #Irvine

We were running errands all morning and I did NOT have breakfast. Bear said I was majorly HANGRY but that’s his fault. He didn’t make me breakfast like he usually does. We were planning on eating something better but we saw Islands and decided to share a burger… that is until we sat down and he changed his mind. I always loved Islands because they serve a great burger, but I always forget which bread to get. Wheat or white. I ordered the white until a server walked by with the wheat and realized that I always get wheat. 😛