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I had some KT roja sauce left so my brilliant ass decided I needed a kick to my burger (and fries). Not, did I make the right choice! I’m not a huge fan of In N Out so I needed a little oomph.

The red sauce definitely was the missing component. I need everything spicy and the chili peppers just aren’t enough.


So I was completely wrong and I thought this establishment was NOT available in California. I WAS WRONG! Something about their California Style burger tastes better than an In N Out burger. I’m dead serious. Every time we go to Kansas, I want to stop by Freddy’s. We have a trip planned to San Francisco in the coming weeks and I want to convince my husband to make a stop in Thousand Oaks for Freddy’s. I’m not sure if we’re driving or flying but I hope we’re driving.

Their patties are skinny and the veggies are fresh, and something about the combination of everything makes it so tasty. Maybe also because it doesn’t make me feel so heavy after the fact. I was bummed about not being able to try the nutter butter ice cream sandwich, but hopefully I’ll be able to try it soon on our drive to SF.

*UPDATE* My husband just told me that we are driving. Freddy’s HERE WE COME! Can’t wait to try to Nutter Butter!


I’m mad at myself for going to In N Out after Shake Shack had opened, BUT in my defense, I didn’t want to wait in line in WEHO for the burger. This is of course, before my visit to SS last Friday. 🙂 Hands down, no matter when where and how, Shake Shack is my ultimate favorite burger. No $40 burger will beat Shake Shack in my eyes. Everything about SS is perfect. Bun, meat, veggies, fries… I believe a burger should always be All American, with all the fixings that are expected when you go to a barbecue at a friend’s place or in the backyard of a cowboy’s home! 🙂 That’s why I love Five Guys so much too.

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Before leaving to Kansas… I had to.

I think my burger is always never as tasty as Bear’s. He always gets the rivalry cheeseburger. I always get both onions, chopped chilis, ketchup and mustard additionally. Maybe it’s too much?