Last night I was craving something sweet so Bear and I went to Somi Somi because they have the best ice cream dessert in Los Angeles.

I had never walked into the Koreatown location before. Tyler and Bear got it for me last time while I waiting in the car. The Irvine Spectrum location was clean and acceptable.

When I walked in, I couldn’t believe the filth. The floors were disgusting and there were strawberries on the floor. I wanted to grab a napkin and pick it up before someone stepped on it but I realized there were more than one and it’d be weird if I started to pick up stuff off their floors.

When we got to the register, I noticed more filth all across their counter. As we waiting by the window for our ice cream, I also noticed the fish pieces that were being cut all over everything. I couldn’t help but take a video and feel disgusted by their establishment.

After getting our ice cream, as we were walking out, I noticed the strawberry on the floor closest to the exit door (the first strawberry I saw) was stepped on. Bear had just handed me a bunch of napkins for our treat so I used it to pick up the strawberries. I went to the overflowing trash bin to throw it away.

As we were walking back to the car, I grabbed my spoon to eat the ice cream and at that moment, I forgot how disgusting Somi Somi was because their ice cream is so good.

Bear also mentioned that the AC was not turned on… “why is an ice cream place so hot inside” was his comment. Very true…

All in all, the place is a pig sty however the ice cream is so good that I forget how gross it is and is willing to come back next time I’m craving ice cream.

It’s almost torturous… I must go through hell to enjoy such a delectable treat!


So I was completely wrong and I thought this establishment was NOT available in California. I WAS WRONG! Something about their California Style burger tastes better than an In N Out burger. I’m dead serious. Every time we go to Kansas, I want to stop by Freddy’s. We have a trip planned to San Francisco in the coming weeks and I want to convince my husband to make a stop in Thousand Oaks for Freddy’s. I’m not sure if we’re driving or flying but I hope we’re driving.

Their patties are skinny and the veggies are fresh, and something about the combination of everything makes it so tasty. Maybe also because it doesn’t make me feel so heavy after the fact. I was bummed about not being able to try the nutter butter ice cream sandwich, but hopefully I’ll be able to try it soon on our drive to SF.

*UPDATE* My husband just told me that we are driving. Freddy’s HERE WE COME! Can’t wait to try to Nutter Butter!


My favorite ice cream place in Kansas and it’s a tie between Los Angeles and Kansas with #AftersIceCream. I always get their Madagascar Vanilla and one other, depending on what’s available. This place has great flavors and service. We always visit while we visit the in-laws!

@AftersIceCream #pigletventures

My son’s favorite flavor is the mint monster. We recently visited this over hyped dessert place and all my son could do was rave about Afters Ice Cream. The funny thing is, I did a vlog and he keeps saying it as I’m recording it. Will be live on 6/12 at 9:30am!

My husband always wants to go to Afters too. Now that he knows there is a location in Cerritos, he is always begging me to go with him. As for me, I don’t want to wait in line so I never go with him. If I do, I wait in the car. But I better have a full charge cause I’ll be waiting for a while playing on my phone!

@LittleManDenver #IceCream

Salted Oreo! Never been so what I usually do is ask the person that’s taking my order what the crowd favorite is. Salted Oreo it was… and I was super happy about the choice. 😛 Although any kind of ice cream is a great choice. The place was super cute, it was an enormous milk jug or some sort of oversized container of some sort. It was sprinkling but there was still a line (that formed after we ordered). 🙂 If you’re ever in Denver, this is a MUST TRY!


Dessert @ChurroBoroughLA

First of all, if you’re reading this, Churro Borough LA, I’m so sorry.

We were waiting outside for our food and I heard a guy yell “Violet” holding two trays of sandwiches.

Jo’s husband ordered other stuff that I didn’t know about so I had no idea there were more coming.

I ran over, unexpectedly and grabbed them from the employee.

I came back out, put it on the table and realized we needed the churro fries. I waited and waited and finally after 10 minutes and two people ahead of me, I got my churro fries order.

When I came back to the table with the fries, Jo’s husband said he also ordered ice cream in a cup.

I had no idea so he went to grab it, but ended up coming back with two ice cream sandwiches.

Oh and when I finally got my churro fries, the guy that handed it to me asked me my name, I answered, “Violet”.

Not thinking why… until Jo’s husband came with OUR order.

I mistakenly heard my name and grabbed someone else’s order!!!!! I was mortified and feeling so bad. We had already eaten through half of it and I was wondering why my sandwich didn’t taste like the Blackberry Cheesecake Sherbet! I didn’t enjoy it because I thought the churro was overpowering. When I tried Jo’s, her Spanish Latte was distinct.

I’m so sorry Churro Borough LA for taking something that wasn’t mine! So sorry to the people who waited too! 😦

I was also hoping that the churro wasn’t hard, and it wasn’t. It feels as if they are at first touch but once you bite into it, it’s flaky and so amazing.

I just wished the ice cream didn’t squish out on the other end every time I took a bite.

I think they should make a churro taco!