I make the eggs the night before, have a stash of salsa, cilantro and onions and tortilla at the office. I come in, microwave the necessary parts and shove it down my throat.


Stick a graham cracker with a piece of hershey’s chocolate on it in the microwave for 30 seconds. It’ll be melted perfectly. Take it out and add the marshmallow after it’s been burnt on the stove top. It’ll be the most perfect s’mores you’ve ever had!


There’s only one reason why I’d be eating a ramen in the am. HANGOVER! Just kidding, not necessarily. I wasn’t as hungover but I did drink a lot so I woke up starving and craving soup. This was Tuesday, starting to be a fatty week for me… Not a good sign.


I love coming to Kansas because Bear’s mom makes the best food. And also because I sleep in and my days don’t include plans. But mostly because of her breakfasts. This breakfast was homemade tortilla, sausage and eggs with sharp cheddar cheese burrito. I added the sliced jalapenos since I like it extra spicy and crunchy. Always important to add the texture element when eating. Bear used to make me breakfast burritos, not anymore. I’m lucky if he makes me lunch. 😛

Snap Recipe

My husband bought a rotisserie chicken from the market. I bought a whole uncooked chicken to cook in the crock pot because I find the precooked chickens to have a lot of sodium.

We had leftovers, lots of it because he ATE MY CHICKEN. He made me a wrap with his sodium filled one, one night.

Flour tortilla, rotisserie chicken, white rice, mayo, tomatoes and onions. I didn’t know what to expect because he used the Korean rice, but it was so tasty!

The mayo was a bit weird too but all together it was kind of amazing.

The next night, I made one for myself. It was not as good as when he made it, but still appetizing. So if you are interested, find the recipe below! On my tongue! Ha!

#Kimbap @IloveKoreatown

I was in a rush to get to my nail appointment and although I wanted to do a quick drive thru to McDonald’s, I knew that kimbap would be a smarter choice. I hate the Rodeo Galleria plaza (where the kimbap place is located), parking is shitty and inconvenient. I wish the kimbap place offered curbside service. 😛

They were out of the tuna and cheese so I picked up the sausage. I had five minutes to get to my nail appointment and I didn’t want to be late since I took over a cancellation. I got the box with the (I call them) footballs for the wasabi. I needed a spicy element (as always). It was very good, to my surprise, I don’t know why I assumed it wouldn’t be. I got so used to eating the tuna and cheese version that I didn’t ever think to try the other ones. Maybe next time I’ll try the ham.