I had five in a row… @Pillsbury

Last week when he made it and Terry had one, her reaction didn’t impress me. Little did I know, she was covering up her emotions so it wouldn’t be a tease to me!!

I had my first. I was in the room and he walked in with one fresh out of the oven.

As soon as I bit into it, I couldn’t believe how fluffy, buttery and heavenly they were. Like nothing I’ve ever had. Best cookies in the freaking world!!!

I went to kitchen and had four more, back to back.

As I stood over the oven, I asked “how many calories?”

Bear: (walks to fridge, opens door and checks) 60 per cookie.
Me: what is five times 60?
Bear: 300.
Me: I’m done.

These are so tasty I could have eaten it all.