Buffalo Chicken Chowder

BEST SOUP I’VE HAD EVER! I had to look up with Whole 30 was, apparently it’s great for you. So there it is.

I of course made my tweaks to make it spicier and have some texture. I added corn (from the cob) and blended the soup with fresh habanero peppers for that extra kick.

Well, not me, my husband, Bear. He meal preps for me. I love this soup because it’s hearty, flavorful and filling.

I also realized that it’s so good with a side of corn tortilla. This flavor is a combination of pan roast meets tortilla soup meets a Thai coconut curry.

My favorite ingredients in this soup are below… they really make the taste of this soup something like you’ve never tasted before.

Coconut Cream
Frank’s Red Hot

All you need is a pot or a slow cooker. I didn’t have an immersion blender so I just used my smoothie blender.

We just pack it in a microwaveable to go bowl and I eat it at work.



 I finally tried this damn place! Health Nut is a healthy food place in Calabasas that the Kardashian’s go to for their pre-packaged salads. How do I know? I used to watch their show and always thought their salads looked amazing. The thing I liked the most about it was the packaging. I don’t know why salads taste much better when it comes in that plastic reusable bowls. (Kind of like Mendocino.)

I cheated a little bit again. I had eggs and tuna and some dressing. Their salad was delicious. The lettuce was crisp and fresh, the tuna and egg salad was tasty but not too overly dressed with mayo and their dressing, the best part. I loved their house dressing but I loved their Spicy Asian dressing the most! You know me with spicy stuff!

I plan to go back, one day. I’m going to pick up multiple days worth of salads and eat it all.


@CafeGratitudeLA #Vegan

I really tried. I tried to be open minded about healthy vegan food but I can’t. I came here in 2011 while I was on a detox. I didn’t enjoy it. I tried again because I had a meeting with a photographer and I really wanted to like it. I ordered the Mucho which is a Mexican bowl. First, it didn’t state on the menu that it would have sunflower seeds. I hate sunflower seeds in my food. By itself, fine. In meals, no. I don’t know what it is about vegans and sunflower seeds. They put them in everything! The photographer I was meeting with got a pasta, I wish I got the pasta.

I’m sorry Cafe Gratitude, but maybe you’re too fancy for me. I just can’t do it.

@VeggieGrill #Westwood

I love their Summer Sonora Bowl. It has a lot of flavors and I can’t believe I can enjoy a vegan establishment!

I ordered it once and then again yesterday.

Their chicken sandwich wasn’t bad either. Their elote should have came off the cob but whatever. Their carrot cake was very yummy too.

I will be ordering here in the future if I want to stay healthy.








Starting the week again with prepping my food. This time I switched it up a bit. I got baby Cornish hens and baked it. I figure this would be a better option. And I feel some sort of joy in ripping off the meat off the bone. I also love the cartilage and I get to play with the wish bones! 😛

My trainer said I could eat dark meat. I figure I’m not trying to be in a bikini contest and also I’m not obese. 🙂









Half a grapefruit and two egg whites with habanero hot sauce.

It was yummy, I guess. My trainer said I have to have a grapefruit for breakfast. It didn’t fill me up that much, I probably need to eat more egg whites.

Oh and thanks Bear for cutting the insides for me!