Eggs #Breakfast @MrsRenfros

Only way I eat eggs, with Mrs. Renfro’s ghost pepper salsa. I put in a request at my Ralph’s and I hope they stocked up because I’m almost out!

#Breakfast #LookFitNaked

I can’t believe I finished the ghost pepper salsa! It was spicy and tasty with each and every scoop!

Sunday’s breakfast consisted of white toast, cheese, egg and avocado slices.

The white toast was toasted on the pan with butter. Then, the slice of cheese was places on the side that was face down first. (Make sure you butter the pan again before flipping). Then the fried egg. Now the cheese has both sides that are warm to melt it perfectly!

Place on plate, slice avocados and eat! Add salsa to your liking! I always say, more the merrier!IMG_6319.JPG