@EatTacoLove #WEHO

If were still living in West Hollywood, I would want to eat here at least once every week. What’s special about Taco Love is that there are no other places like this in Los Angeles. A taco place that isn’t trying to be super authentic and or super American. This place serves delicious tacos, burritos and all else. A bit of a San Diego vibe with the fries in the burritos, but it’s special, very special.

My favorite is the grilled green onions. Not a lot of places serve this. It’s an authentic Mexican side thingy that the real Mexicans do when their big Mexican families get together for a bbq. How do I know? I know a lot of Mexicans and I’ve been to a handful of bbqs hosted by Mexicans. I grew up in Downey, hello!?

What they do is, they lather oil, salt, pepper and lime juice on the green onions (as a whole) and stick it on the grill. Give it some time and it’ll be the best thing you’ve put in your mouth.

Now get your ass to West Hollywood and try their asada burrito and don’t forget to get a side of the grilled green onions!

Taco Love
7980 Sunset Blvd Los Angeles, CA 90046

Also just discovered that they have a Venice location through Yelp

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@Five_Guys #CheatMeal

I cheated. Horribly. The worst thing I could’ve ate. I really only wanted to eat but the first several bites weren’t as good as I imagined so I kept eating. I knew I should’ve started with the side with all the melted cheese, and NOT the side with the stacked tomatoes!

What do I get at Five Guys? I get the cheeseburger (yes, cheeseburger, not the little cheeseburger) with everything minus grilled onions and pickles. I add raw onions and jalapenos. I should’ve asked for extra because it sure wasn’t enough.

We also got regular fries and cajun fries. Guess who likes the salty ones? Ding Ding Ding, the American.

Honestly, it was a waste of calories. I was annoyed with the cashier because when Bear ordered his burger first, she asked two or one patty. Obviously he ordered the cheeseburger, that comes with two patties. I let it go because I thought maybe, she thought we had no idea what WE were ordering. When it was my turn to order, I ordered the cheeseburger. The dumb bitch asked again, two patties or one? I said, “I said cheeseburger not the little cheeseburger”. Is she fucking retarded?

I forgot they didn’t have onion rings but it was ok, we got both fries, came home and ate almost everything. Everything but the fries… 3/4 of each of the fries were left. πŸ˜›




@CafeBleuLA #Drunchies pt. 2!

Best fries in town. They have really good sliders too. πŸ™‚

We wanted to go to EMC but they were closing (so weird) so we came here in our costumes.

I felt dumb (and fat) but still went in anyway.

Jo and Tina wanted to stay, Terry wanted to leave so I left with Terry to get her car and stuff and so I can change too.

Terry dropped me back off at Cafe Bleu.

I saw Jonathan (Parker/Dumbfouded) there and he was a bit rude. He acted like he was being funny but he really wasn’t. He probably thought we were too drunk to catch on. I decided it was my cue to leave.


@BEERBELLY_LA #datenight

We came back to our old hangout.

we ordered our usual.

Grilled Cheese with maple syrup and fries with a bottle of rosè!





We also got the deep fried S’more PopTart.

I died a little.

We also decided we’d have our mini engagement party there since that was where we visited the most when we first started dating.