Bar Food #SuperBowl

Old post, but had to still post it. We met Bear’s MBA classmates to watch football at a sports bar in DTLA. I didn’t watch, I just ate. 🙂

가주 김밥! California Kimbap & Udon #RodeoGalleria

We were leaving the #LandRoverLA Ride & Drive Event and decided to stop by KTown to pick it up. We were so hungry and we had to rush down to Irvine for a birthday.

I called in the brown rice order for the tuna and cheese kimbap!

When we arrived, Bear wanted the footballs so we got a third with sausage and footballs.

I thought I took my third photo but it didn’t capture it.

Btw, these are taken on my new iPhone 6!!!

All photos will be taken on my new phone now unless my battery dies and I have to use Bear’s. 😛

(Tuna not pictured)