Mini Desserts


The creme brûlée was amazing!


I actually never cared to have dinner here and if I really wanted to then it would’ve came earlier.

My friend made reservations two months ago for Friday evening’s 6pm dinner.

I was happy to be able to join since I didn’t have my son this weekend.

I’ve been here for drinks and appetizers at the bar but that was it.

Either I have really poor taste in food or the kitchen was completely high off something while preparing it.

I don’t even know where to begin with this review.

From the waiter being super obvious in pushing expensive bottles of wine. His recommendations for food after I already told him what I wanted to order. The quality of food that was brought out to our table.

The food was not what I’ve been hearing from my friends who love this place.

I’m not going to get all fancy by writing the name of each dish but here is the description of the trash I put in my body last night.

We ordered a lot of food.

1. Burrata on toast with some stinky salty protein on it with tomato jam.

I hate jam, I hate salty stuff. I just picked off the rest and ate the burrata with the toast.


2. Duck with lentils.

Was it suppose to be cold? It was disgusting. No flavor and not appetizing, literally and physically. It was the color of what’s usually in the toilet after I eat too much Mexican food. Also, the egg was cooked horribly, the bottom was brown and hard.


3. Grill octopus salad.

Whatever, it is what is it. grill octopus on top of a salad. Nothing special.


4. Charcuterie plate.

This I had before when I was at the bar, but like the first time, it was disgusting. Granted they may be some fancy grass fed shit, but it tastes like nothing and or it’s too weird. It came with some spread (the red and white in the photo). I only tried it because my friends told me how gross it was, I needed to see why. The white was super oily, it was lard. The red was gritty and slimy with no taste. It was a horrible experience.


5. Uni Spaghetti

Everything was wrong with this dish. The noodles were too al dente, actually I think they didn’t cook it enough. Hard as a rock and the dish had no hint of uni. The two uni pieces weren’t as sweet and delicious as uni should be. Was it not fresh? Was it not cleaned well? Either way, EMC Seafood & Raw Bar has a much better uni pasta dish!


6. Burrata Pizza

How can someone go wrong with a burrata pizza? USE TOO MUCH TOMATO SAUCE! Do you see all that crap in the photo? I usually like pizzas like these, Pizzeria Mozza, 800 Degrees, Bottega because they barely use tomato sauce. It overpowered the whole thing. I felt like I was eating tomato sauce out of the jar. No bueno.


7. Squid Ink Pasta

It was ok, WAY better than Ray’s at LACMA. Flavor was there, noodles were perfectly cooked but nothing special.


8. Desserts – Budino and something else.

The desserts were the best part of the meal. The only thing I took more than two bites of.

The budino was simply amazing and so was the other, but I’m more of a sweet girl as oppose to loving the tartness.



9. Wine

Wine is always amazing. This bottle in particular is a chilled bubbly red. 🙂

My caption on instagram was “Weekend is calling”


So there you have it. I have no desire to ever come here to eat unless they’re willing to give me a free meal to try everything again.

Luckily I enjoyed my night with friends and I can cross this overrated establishment off my list.

Hope you have a better time if you decide to try!