@DennysDiner #Drunchies

After a trip to the OC, we stopped by Denny’s for a late night meal.
Not as late as a usual late night drunchie but still late for this amount of food.
BTW, they have really fallen off their wagon and their food is sub par.
The sampler was really disappointing but the moons over my hammy, still good. With ranch and ketchup of course.





So happy I was able to finally try their burger.

I got the Hickory but next time I shall try the steak burger. I just wished they had onions. They served the drink in a weird paper cup thingy. It was odd. I do love their fries. They have the best fries, EVER!

We also got the banana cream pie and I got the cocnut cream pie to go for Bear but I left it at work and now it’s bad. Oops.