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Steamed crab legs for dinner. We eat like kings and queens when we visit my in-laws. I wish MB was my mom growing up! OR… I wish we lived with her now!


Steak & lobster & crab legs.

Something about the cooker they use for the steaks, makes it so tender and seriously like something I’ve never tasted before.








Shan Social House #BeverlyHills


138 N La Cienega Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA 90211
(310) 659-8887

The food was extremely well presented and prepared perfectly.

Every bite and swallow was just as enjoyable as the first.

I wasn’t too sure or even too hungry when we sat down for dinner but once I had the first bite, I couldn’t stop eating.

This property seems to have the worst luck in business because previous eateries have closed within months after opening.

It’s always empty and never occupied.

The history of this building is worth visiting so if you like Asian cuisine, this is a must try!

Few things to look out for:

1. Kill Bill Scene
2. Crab Claws & Legs (already cracked and peeled!!!!!)
3. House Merlot (amazing!)
4. Beef Carpaccio
5. Uni Tempura
6. Filet Mignon Wagyu
7. Miso Black Cod

(One unusual thing: The Black Bean Noodle 짜장면, jjajangmyeon is very citrus-y. First to taste like that but it wasn’t bad!)

To read why I even ended up here go to www.violetkim.com!


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