I landed and the first order of business was dinner. I was craving Asian but not Korean. Bear wanted Korean but I said no. I wanted rice and I wanted Thai. 🙂 The food was a take out order since they were closing in 15 minutes. Food just isn’t tasty when it’s taken home. 😦 We ordered the Thai BBQ chicken plate and pad thai no peanuts. This is the best Thai place that’s generic. Other authentic places exist that are way better but I always go with other people so I don’t really know what to order. Ruen Par and Pok Pok are the two I’ve been to that I thought was amazing. Original Thai BBQ is like CPK, consistent and never disappoint!

Finishing Off #MealPrep #Fitness


This whole week, this is all I ate. Aside from my usual egg whites. My weight remained constant. I realized I have to eat dinner early, when I did, I was 107.4, not the average 108.4. One pound is important! Now… I just need to incorporate cardio!

The best part about meal prep… I never have to worry about what I’m going to eat.