I landed and the first order of business was dinner. I was craving Asian but not Korean. Bear wanted Korean but I said no. I wanted rice and I wanted Thai. 🙂 The food was a take out order since they were closing in 15 minutes. Food just isn’t tasty when it’s taken home. 😦 We ordered the Thai BBQ chicken plate and pad thai no peanuts. This is the best Thai place that’s generic. Other authentic places exist that are way better but I always go with other people so I don’t really know what to order. Ruen Par and Pok Pok are the two I’ve been to that I thought was amazing. Original Thai BBQ is like CPK, consistent and never disappoint!


My favorite is the hard shell taco. Chicken, corn, rice, lettuce, sour cream, pica de gallo and sauce on the side. When you get #togo, it gets soggy and it falls apart.

I would have never ordered this, EVER, but thanks to Bear, I was able to find my favorite thing @Chipotle!



Finishing Off #MealPrep #Fitness


This whole week, this is all I ate. Aside from my usual egg whites. My weight remained constant. I realized I have to eat dinner early, when I did, I was 107.4, not the average 108.4. One pound is important! Now… I just need to incorporate cardio!

The best part about meal prep… I never have to worry about what I’m going to eat.


I’m ready to eat… No more cooking for myself this week. Thank god because cooking sucks.

Especially when it’s not a delicious meal. I’ll still have to cook for Bear.

I’m making spaghetti this week. I bought zucchinis so I can make #Zoodles.