@TheGrill #HolidayLunch

Our department had our holiday (late) lunch at The Grill on the Alley. My favorite place in Beverly Hills. It’s my favorite place because it serves my favorite things.

Cloudy Bay Sauv Blanc + Chicken Pot Pie

I also love a lot of the other things on the menu. We had our late lunch here last year and it almost felt like a tradition until we realized the table setting was uncomfortable due to the growth of our department.

We did our usual white elephant gift exchange and I came home with the gift picked out just for me!


Every Wednesday we get free lunch at the office. 😀

It’s the best day ever because the rest of the week, I’m eating kale, quinoa, broccoli, corn and salsa.

One week, we had Lemonade and I know everyone and their mom loves this place but I find it to be disgusting. I’ve been three times and every time I seemed to have picked the wrong items. There were just too many flavor profiles and ones that I really don’t like together. I should just stick to fast food. 😛

As you can see I ordered what I knew couldn’t be bad. Rice, mac & cheese and chicken pot pie, although I didn’t get the pie part. Just the insides. I had to drench it with my habanero hot sauce of course.

The Grill

After the private screening we walked over to the Grill. All 6 of us starving from a long day we plopped in the booth and looked at the menu.

I wanted to go with something light but the chicken pot pie stood out. But I also was considering my fat belly so I thought I’d ask what the soup of the day was and if there was a good selection I would have that and a shrimp cocktail.

The waiter came by and I asked, nothing to my liking so I got the pot pie. He asked if I’d had it before and not realizing he meant at the location I said yes.

Oh boy, now I know why he asked cause when it came out everyone at the table including me were shocked at how big it was.

It was bigger than my head!

I didn’t even know where to begin.

I just stuck my fork in the middle and dived in. Omg it was the best pot pie I’ve ever had! There were carrots, mushrooms, onions, peas and chicken. I usually hate cooked carrots but in the pie it was so tasty! The chicken was the most tender that I’ve ever had it in any shape or form!

I must go back to try the other things on the menu cause everyone was fully satisfied after their meal.

The waiter was on point! Friendly, funny and quick.

The place reminded me of Lawry’s. The bread, the staff and the ambiance.

My stomach is cramming cause I ate so much. I couldn’t believe I ate as much as I did but I couldn’t stop eating cause it was too delicious!