I was craving McDonald’s so I got myself McDonald’s! Unsalted fries, cheeseburger and McChicken with tomato and onions. The Cheeseburger was not fresh, the fries were perfect since they were freshly fried and the McChicken was super fresh!

@Five_Guys #CheatMeal

I cheated. Horribly. The worst thing I could’ve ate. I really only wanted to eat but the first several bites weren’t as good as I imagined so I kept eating. I knew I should’ve started with the side with all the melted cheese, and NOT the side with the stacked tomatoes!

What do I get at Five Guys? I get the cheeseburger (yes, cheeseburger, not the little cheeseburger) with everything minus grilled onions and pickles. I add raw onions and jalapenos. I should’ve asked for extra because it sure wasn’t enough.

We also got regular fries and cajun fries. Guess who likes the salty ones? Ding Ding Ding, the American.

Honestly, it was a waste of calories. I was annoyed with the cashier because when Bear ordered his burger first, she asked two or one patty. Obviously he ordered the cheeseburger, that comes with two patties. I let it go because I thought maybe, she thought we had no idea what WE were ordering. When it was my turn to order, I ordered the cheeseburger. The dumb bitch asked again, two patties or one? I said, “I said cheeseburger not the little cheeseburger”. Is she fucking retarded?

I forgot they didn’t have onion rings but it was ok, we got both fries, came home and ate almost everything. Everything but the fries… 3/4 of each of the fries were left. 😛