Breakfast Burrito @MrsRenfros

I think I like the chorizo better!

But then everything tastes better with Habanero salsa! Speaking of, I need a refill!



Burrito Mama

I eat too much Mexican food. Could it be that my upbringing in Downey was a cause? 😛

Mexican food is actually my favorite cuisine. Since I’m a HUGE fan of spicy foods and lots of flavors, Mexican is the only thing I can probably eat back to back to back.

There’s this place in Vernon that delivers (I don’t know the name because my co-worker always orders it) burritos and it’s amazing.

We get a carne with onions and cilantro and a chicken with rice. Their salsa is a bit runny but we just add a little bit of tapatio and it’s good to go!

The chicken and rice burrito is so fluffy and soft. Chicken is so tender and marinated with tomatoes to give it a full flavor.

The only thing missing are the onions and cilantro.