Thank You @FreddysUSA

I can’t begin to express the feeling of gratitude for their kind gesture and engagement with little ole me!

I truly feel so thankful for this handwritten note and making me a Fredhead! 

I only discovered this place because of my husband who is from Leawood Kansas. I love burgers and he was so adamant about taking me here when we first visited his hometown. I fell in love with their quality and service, it became a must visit spot every time we flew in.

Little did we know there was one in Thousand Oaks. Lucky me, I have a project in Calabasas so it’s pretty close to me.

Thank you for the gift card and thank you the thoughtfulness! Makes social media-ing much more pleasureable. 


So I was completely wrong and I thought this establishment was NOT available in California. I WAS WRONG! Something about their California Style burger tastes better than an In N Out burger. I’m dead serious. Every time we go to Kansas, I want to stop by Freddy’s. We have a trip planned to San Francisco in the coming weeks and I want to convince my husband to make a stop in Thousand Oaks for Freddy’s. I’m not sure if we’re driving or flying but I hope we’re driving.

Their patties are skinny and the veggies are fresh, and something about the combination of everything makes it so tasty. Maybe also because it doesn’t make me feel so heavy after the fact. I was bummed about not being able to try the nutter butter ice cream sandwich, but hopefully I’ll be able to try it soon on our drive to SF.

*UPDATE* My husband just told me that we are driving. Freddy’s HERE WE COME! Can’t wait to try to Nutter Butter!

@Slaters5050 #pigletventures

You know when you’ve had an exceptional burger… you immediately feel like you can’t breathe after consuming it! 😛 Just kidding, that is a horrible thing to say about eating burgers. I just became an American but like any other American born soul, I love burgers. Backyard bbqs, fast food, chain restaurants, food trucks, fine dining, wherever they serve a burger, I will eat it.

Slater’s is a place that I can visit anytime and know that I’ll walk out of there satisfied. At a place like this, it’s great to have the option to pick and choose your own style, but their recommended concoctions are probably the best. People try to get all fancy and cool by creating their own but most of the time, all your ingredients don’t go together. Remember that!~


@IslandsBurgers #Irvine

We were running errands all morning and I did NOT have breakfast. Bear said I was majorly HANGRY but that’s his fault. He didn’t make me breakfast like he usually does. We were planning on eating something better but we saw Islands and decided to share a burger… that is until we sat down and he changed his mind. I always loved Islands because they serve a great burger, but I always forget which bread to get. Wheat or white. I ordered the white until a server walked by with the wheat and realized that I always get wheat. 😛

@PigPenDelicacy @4thStreetMarket #mustTRY

Again, I was invited to Andy’s new food venture. Pig Pen Delicacy in Santa Ana at the 4th Street Market. A pink exterior stands out in an area filled with other food vendors. All pork and all so tasty.

We waited with all of Andy’s other guests (friends and family invite “soft opening”) while our mouths salivated. Bear was super hungry because he had just came from the gym (he does not do JIM), and me… well, I’m always hungry.

By the time we arrive, the two items we really wanted were sold out but it was great because I got to try something I wouldn’t have normally picked.

We got 2 Breakfast Sandwiches (1 to eat, 1 to take home), 1 Bacon Maple Jam Burger and an order of fries. I really wanted to try to pork belly fries and the other pork sammy. I’m not much of a sweet and savory connoisseur so I didn’t know what to expect.

Why did I even question the taste? I felt stupid after I took a bite into the Maple Bacon Jam Burger. That thing was incredible. That white sauce/aioli or whatever it was balanced the whole thing. Lots of grilled onions, the bun was fluffy as fuck and the patty… oh man the patty, juicy, flavorful and so tender. I can’t remember much after that because I went into ecstasy. The Breakfast Sammy was not that different from their burger. Again, fluffy bun, thick bacon melted cheese and man the eggs… reminded me of Bear’s mom’s eggs in Kansas. I’ve mentioned before how much I love her eggs. Last but not least, the fries. Fries are always great, these fries reminded me of Rally’s fries. If you know Rally’s, I know you’re probably grabbing your keys to head over to Pig Pen Delicacy NOW.

They open officially Saturday, 3/5/16.

Side note: I thought the boy’s shirts behind the counter said ‘Pig Men’ on the front, but I just wished it did. It actually said ‘Pig Pen’. LOL


So happy I was able to finally try their burger.

I got the Hickory but next time I shall try the steak burger. I just wished they had onions. They served the drink in a weird paper cup thingy. It was odd. I do love their fries. They have the best fries, EVER!

We also got the banana cream pie and I got the cocnut cream pie to go for Bear but I left it at work and now it’s bad. Oops.




@Five_Guys #CheatMeal

I cheated. Horribly. The worst thing I could’ve ate. I really only wanted to eat but the first several bites weren’t as good as I imagined so I kept eating. I knew I should’ve started with the side with all the melted cheese, and NOT the side with the stacked tomatoes!

What do I get at Five Guys? I get the cheeseburger (yes, cheeseburger, not the little cheeseburger) with everything minus grilled onions and pickles. I add raw onions and jalapenos. I should’ve asked for extra because it sure wasn’t enough.

We also got regular fries and cajun fries. Guess who likes the salty ones? Ding Ding Ding, the American.

Honestly, it was a waste of calories. I was annoyed with the cashier because when Bear ordered his burger first, she asked two or one patty. Obviously he ordered the cheeseburger, that comes with two patties. I let it go because I thought maybe, she thought we had no idea what WE were ordering. When it was my turn to order, I ordered the cheeseburger. The dumb bitch asked again, two patties or one? I said, “I said cheeseburger not the little cheeseburger”. Is she fucking retarded?

I forgot they didn’t have onion rings but it was ok, we got both fries, came home and ate almost everything. Everything but the fries… 3/4 of each of the fries were left. 😛