First Time Brunching @TheNoMadHotel

I’ve always diner in the evenings so I wanted to know what their breakfast/brunch was all about. One Saturday morning, we decided to to dine @ NoMad.

I ordered the smoked salmon plate which came with butter lettuce, my favorite! Bear ordered the lemon poppy ricotta pancakes. Both were amazing, oh and we got a chocolate croissant on the house. THANK YOU!

I want to go back and try the omellette or egg sandwich. I also need to go for lunch.

The best part about my meal was the Matchalada. Best beverage to stream down my throat.

Silver Grill Cafe #FortCollins #Colorado

We had our second meal in Fort Collins at Silver Grill Cafe. We had brunch the day before at Lucile’s Creole Cafe. They had a bloody mary bar that we couldn’t resist, although with so many options, I think I enjoy it better when the establishment has their way of concocting their mix. I got the huevos rancheros with chorizo, but I wish I just kept the chorizo out like they have it originally on their menu. The chorizo made it a bit salty. I have videos from my trip, so will edit and upload soon! If you’re ever in Fort Collins, these two places are a MUST TRY!

What I enjoyed about Silver Grill Cafe was that they really took care of their customers. In the back they had a coffee bar and firepit going for the cold weather. Plenty of seats while we waited. TA got the beer braised corn beef hash which was super tasty and filling. I’m already thinking about my next visit to Fort Collins!

Silver Grill Cafe
218 Walnut Street
Fort Collins, CO 80524



 Don’t mind the first photo, someone in our group was being boring (and super healthy).

As for the rest, it was amazing. I didn’t believe that a brunch place could be voted the best without alcohol. Well, I was wrong.

Of course, when we got seated, I was already drunk. We went to the Village Idiot and grabbed drinks (lots of drinks) before starting breakfast. 😛







@TartRestaurant #PunchBowl!!!

We ordered a large for $40, they ran out of the bowls so we got two regular bowls. Much more than one large bowl.

Too bad we couldn’t finish it! We ordered the blueball blackballing punch and though it did not taste like vodka, I was buzzed after the first drink!

After four, I was feeling like I could fly!

Great delicious drink and fun times with the girls!/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/777/23400949/files/2014/12/img_8044.jpg