Last year, I ate out a lot. Including my meals at the office and outside the office. This year, I started to pack my lunch to work. Bear has been prepping it for me and I’ve saved a lot of money.

Spending $15 on lunch daily was not okay for my bank account.

My favorite place was Walter’s Cafe and it makes me sad since I don’t eat it at all.

I haven’t gone to do Jim in the ams but I wonder if I’ll need to start ordering breakfast again when I do start.

If you’re ever in Beverly Hills, please go feed yourself a Walter’s Cafe breakfast burrito. It’s delicious.

Breakfast @McDonalds

I would have ordered the triple cheeseburger but it was still breakfast time. 😛

I love their breakfast burritos. Two burritos with OJ and hash brown. I had 1.75 of the burrito and half the hash brown. I use about 3.5 packets of salsa per burrito. I love their salsas, it’s a bit spicy!