@PandaExpress @DENAirport

 I wanted a bowl but they were out, so I had to get the one item on a plate. It was a bit annoying. So annoying I ended up eating a little before my flight and throwing the rest away for my flight. Didn’t want to carry that burdening styrofoam plate with me on the plane. It wasn’t as tasty as I wanted it to be. And their hot sauce sucks. The yellow mustard is better. Less salty.

Bowled and Beautiful #foodtruck

This food truck came near the office and I wish I didn’t waste $15.00 on it. I barely ate it because…

1. It tasted like shit
2. It was hard to eat, everything was falling over because the bowl was too small for everything in it
3. It wasn’t as spicy as advertised
4. It tasted like shit

Not to be so mean about it but I don’t really have expectations from food trucks but all the Americans white people loved it at my office. I should have known better. Maybe my tastebuds aren’t as refined or is more refined, who gives a fuck. To each his/her own.