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What I love about eating in groups is that I end up trying thing I’d never order myself.

I never used to get artichoke on my pizza and or grill artichokes at a restaurant. With my Babes Who Dine crew, we always order grilled artichokes and I’ve gotten accustom to the flavor and enjoy it very much. I decided to get it on my pizza last time at Blaze at the outlet and now it’s my go to topping.

I like to stick to veggie toppings lately… today is mushroom, onion and artichoke. The pepperoni side is Bear’s.

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My favorite place to go on the weekend is the outlet. I get both steps and shopping in and those two are my most favorite things to do. Working out + buying clothes? Heaven!

After getting through half the mall, we came across Blaze Pizza and I couldn’t resist. I had never been and I love the concept of pick and choose and voila, ready!

I’ve been to other locations with the same concept but since this is under the Wetzel umbrella, I was more interested. (I love me some Wetzel’s)

The pizza and prepackaged salad were both tasty. We shared amongst three adults, where as all the other patrons had a whole pie to themselves. Talk about gluttony, this is why America is fucking fat. Learn to share people!

Anywho, I’d be back if I see a Blaze Pizza elsewhere, I just haven’t seen one in LA.